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Relocate To Oregon – Don’t Move Without Us!

by on April 29th, 2013 Leave a Comment

Relocate To Oregon … BUT don’t move without us! We love Oregon.  In fact, if you combine all the years the agents in the Cole|Eschrich Group have been Oregonians, we could’ve been pioneers!  It’s true you might hear us complaining about our lack of Vitamin-D in the winter, and how we can’t wait for it […]

  • Community Events

    Evening Edition Meetup with Lean Beer Format
    4-22-14 5:30 pm - Business Law Centre
    Eugene Startups

    Come network and share ideas with beer!...

    2 mile walk/run on Pre's Trail(Couch to 5K)
    4-22-14 5:45 pm
    Eugene Mix n' Minglers Social & Activity Group

    for anyone who wants a to join in and have a regular walk/run time, the commitment is very motivating. anyone whos wants to come just do what they can or just walk is welcome. total distance 2 miles...