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Relocate To Oregon – Don’t Move Without Us!

by on April 29th, 2013 Leave a Comment

Relocate To Oregon … BUT don’t move without us! We love Oregon.  In fact, if you combine all the years the agents in the Cole|Eschrich Group have been Oregonians, we could’ve been pioneers!  It’s true you might hear us complaining about our lack of Vitamin-D in the winter, and how we can’t wait for it […]

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    Eugene Walks and Walking Trips

    Fridays we meet in the main parking lot at Alton Baker park. We take a different route each time, such as walking along the river to the UO Urban garden, To see the eaglets nesting, or downtown. We walk rain or shine. Some are faster, others not...

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    Come and join us! Get ready to experience something new, exciting and profound in referral networking. The APEX commitment is to bring you value at every meeting. Join us. Let us prove it.