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Relocate To Oregon – Don’t Move Without Us!

by on April 29th, 2013 Leave a Comment

Relocate To Oregon … BUT don’t move without us! We love Oregon.  In fact, if you combine all the years the agents in the Cole|Eschrich Group have been Oregonians, we could’ve been pioneers!  It’s true you might hear us complaining about our lack of Vitamin-D in the winter, and how we can’t wait for it […]

  • Community Events

    Eugene Startups Open Coffee, network and share ideas
    7-31-14 5:30 pm - home of Lama and Valerie
    Eugene Startups

    This is the morning edition.  This one will take place at the RAIN Accelerator, which is on the second floor of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce. 

    Reiki Tummo healing group
    7-31-14 5:30 pm - home of Lama and Valerie
    Eugene Open Heart Meditation and Reiki Tummo

    Meeting every Thursday 5:30-7:30, this group is open to all to receive healing (call ahead for appointment), and to Reiki Tummo Level 1,2, or higher level practitioners to give and receive healing, using Reiki Tummo techniques (see "About"...